Google Ads Optimization Checklist
for SaaS & Tech Companies
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6 Key Areas
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"Hello everyone! I'm Layla, the PPC Manager at Aimers. I want to highlight the critical importance of regular Google Ads account audits for a robust advertising strategy.

Google Ads is a powerful promotional tool, but it demands ongoing oversight and adjustments. Without consistent audits, you're likely to overlook chances to enhance your campaigns and expand your business. Our experience shows that clients can significantly cut costs by spotting and fixing errors early on.

We've crafted a Google Ads audit checklist from our extensive experience with SaaS & Tech companies. Recognizing each business's uniqueness, our audit includes common issues affecting client outcomes.

The checklist addresses 6 crucial setting areas, with each section offering detailed guidance on correcting any errors or optimizing settings."
How to use our checklist:
Read through each statement and answer YES if it applies to your situation, or NO, if it does not.
Ensure you reviewed all 6 sections of statements to cover all aspects of Google Ads settings.
Receive the results and practical insights on resolving any issues identified.
Receive our exclusive Google Ads optimization best practices for SaaS & Tech businesses as a bonus with your results.
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