Boosting Signups for a Leading Web Scraping Tool — ScraperApi

Introducing our client case study with ScraperApi. ScraperAPI is a popular web scraping tool founded in 2018 to help companies collect clean, insightful data without getting blocked. Thousands of businesses—startups and enterprise-level companies—use ScraperAPI to harvest publicly available data on the internet.
By meeting project goals and effectively managing budgets, we significantly increased signups, requests, and monthly recurring revenue (MRR). Notably, signups grew by +74.39%, while requests saw an impressive increase of +404.62%.
The result? A substantial MRR boost of +175.00%. Our team’s expertise ensured controlled acquisition costs, making this campaign a resounding success for ScraperApi.


The main goal was to increase the number of requests and as a result increase the MRR (monthly recurring revenue).
Besides that we focused on controlling the CPA given the 3x increased budget and increasing conversions from non-branded campaigns.
The main challenge was that the data on requests was transferred to the Google Ads account with a 7-day delay, and the data on MRR was transferred to the Google Ads account with a 21-day delay. Therefore, we saw the results of the applied optimizations and other work completed in the account with a delay.


The team implemented a comprehensive marketing strategy within the search network.

  • Lowered traffic from the least profitable Geo.
  • Gathered statistics on in-market audiences in search campaigns and applied adjustments to them.
  • Allocated additional budget to non-branded campaigns and selected and applied the suitable for them automated bidding strategies.
  • Evaluated the effectiveness of the automated bidding strategies used and determined the most effective targeting metrics for the strategies to learn. As a result, we implemented automated bidding strategies in all campaigns, mainly the “Maximize Conversions tCPA” and “Maximize Clicks” strategies.
  • Reorganized the primary and secondary levels of conversions so that automatic bidding strategies would lead to the desired results.

In addition to the work with the search campaigns, we focused on improving the quality of signups coming from the display campaigns. To achieve that we completed the following:

  • Excluded from geo-targeting a certain number of regions that generated signups at a much lower CPA than the average, but didn’t result in requests.
  • Tested a Discovery campaign for custom segments to compare its performance vs. the display campaign. The Discovery campaign launched with our settings ended up being successful in terms of requests.
  • Added image ads to reach audiences with new USPs.


The team met the initial project goals and significantly increased the requests and MRR while controlling the CPA given the 3x increased budget.

  • Signups increased by +74.39%.
  • Signup CR decreased by -21.36%.
  • Signup CPA increased only slightly +12.53%.
  • Requests increased by +404.62%.
  • Requests CR increased by +127.55%.
  • Requests CPA decreased by -61.11%.
  • MRR increased by +175.00%.
  • MRR CR increased by +24.01%.
  • MRR CPA decreased by -28.64%.

Denis Yurchuk


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