Achieving 220% Conversion Growth in Competitive Market

Floridian Public Adjusters specializes in representing commercial and residential property owners with water, fire & smoke, roof leaks, plumbing leaks, mold, hurricane, hail, vandalism and more. Their licensed public adjusters have represented and settled thousands of property insurance claims on behalf of property owners. The company’s diligent representation and claims management strategies provide their property loss clients with the opportunity to maximize the benefits of their insurance coverage in an efficient and proactive manner. Floridian PA can assist property owners with claims in most U.S. states. Floridian Public Adjusters continues to expand into several regions of the U.S. and abroad.


The main challenge was to scale the budget by 3 times while keeping the CPA within the KPIs in a highly competitive market. It was essential to scale ad activity smoothly and gradually, because with a sharp increase in budget, algorithms need to relearn and, as often happens, they start spending budget more aggressively and the effectiveness of campaigns drops.


The team developed a comprehensive strategy that included a wide variety of activities designed to maximize results in a highly competitive market.

The work included:

  • Managing 111 ad campaigns across Google Ads and Microsoft Ads.
  • Active testing of automated bidding strategies to find the most effective in terms of lead generation.
  • Building and launching PMax campaigns in Google Ads.
  • Building and launching the Call Only campaigns in Google Ads.
  • Active monitoring and optimization of the advertising campaigns.
  • Regular budget reallocation toward more effective campaigns.
  • Analysis and updating of the ad copy on a regular basis.
  • Advising the client on creating effective landing pages.


The team met the initial project goals and significantly increased the amount of conversions controlling the CPA with a 3x increased budget.

The key accomplishments included:

  • Conversions +220%
  • Сonv.Rate +52%
  • CPA +16%
  • Cost +271%


Denis Yurchuk


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