64% Increase in Signups for a Growing Peer-to-peer Car-sharing Platform

Drive mate is a growing peer-to-peer car-sharing platform that allows customers to borrow cars from neighbors offering up their vehicles on the secure, all-in-one rental app. Drive mate fulfills the demand amidst a growing car-sharing industry while providing remarkable service and saving the environment.


Drive mate just entered the Australian market and needed to gain an audience via ppc-marketing. The challenge was to organize an all-in-one marketing strategy, establish a stable source of conversions, and generate as many signups as possible within the allocated budget.

Another challenge was to provide detailed targeting since Drive mate was present only in particular regions of Australia, and the number of available cars was different in each region.


Our project team developed and implemented an integral strategy to meet the client’s goals by completing the following tasks:

Google Ads:

  • G Ads branded and competitors campaigns launch to increase brand awareness.
  • G Ads generic campaigns launch with the top relevant keywords related to the service. We ran different generic campaigns for different regions to control the budgets and keep the balance netween supply and demand.
  • Organizing G Ads remarketing & display campaigns by regions.
  • Testing G Ads app campaigns to drive users to the Drive mate app.


  • App installs generation campaigns by interests launch;
  • Launch of website conversions generation campaigns by interests;
  • Setting up remarketing campaigns.

Microsoft Ads

  • Managing Microsoft Ads account as an additional source of reach and profit (by analogy with Google Ads).


Working in a completely new market for Drive mate, our team strategically managed campaigns and budgets on an ongoing basis.

  • Over a year (Nov 2021 – Nov 2022), AU market generated 9.6K signups via PPC at CPA 23% lower than the main SG market;
  • The volume of AU signups amounted to 64% from SG signups over the same period of time.


  • 25+ Google Ads campaigns and experiments;
  • 15+ Facebook campaigns;
  • 10+ Microsoft Ads campaigns.


Denis Yurchuk


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