345 GPTs List for Digital Marketers

With AI continually progressing, ChatGPT has undergone a remarkable transformation, giving rise to a new breed of AI models known as GPTs. These aren’t standard chatbots, they’re bespoke versions of ChatGPT, now equipped with enhanced instructions, expanded knowledge, and a robust set of skills.

We’re thrilled to unveil our exclusive compilation of 345 GPTs crafted specifically for digital marketers. This unique handpicked collection offers a wide range of AI-driven tools tailored to meet the diverse and dynamic needs.

Delve into our list and discover how each GPT model can amplify your digital marketing efforts. Whether it’s crafting compelling content, optimizing for SEO, engaging customers, or unpacking complex data insights, our GPTs are here to enhance your operational efficiency and boost productivity.

Marketing Strategy

Monster Marketing Plan Generator – Tailoring marketing plans creatively and practically, this GPT optimizes strategies for seamless and effective implementation, ensuring business success effortlessly.

Digital Marketing Mentor – Empower your brand’s success with tailored digital marketing strategies and impactful campaigns crafted by an expert GPT-driven solution.

Marketing GPT – A marketing-focused GPT mastering impactful strategies and crafting tailored content for unparalleled campaign success.


Website Analyzer – This GPT analyzes and elucidates website performance, SEO, and UX metrics, with a keen focus on improving Web Vitals for enhanced user experience.

Market GPT – This GPT acts as a market insights expert, analyzing trends and competition to provide valuable insights for informed strategic decisions, aiding growth and competitive positioning effortlessly.

Avian – This GPT empowers users to analyze and visualize data from over 20 platforms, spanning Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads, for comprehensive insights.


Search Ads Campaign set-up – This GPT generates PPC ad campaigns tailored to specific services/products, requesting the advertiser’s URL to craft effective and targeted advertising strategies seamlessly.

PPC News – This GPS provides you with the most recent updates on PPC.

Search Ads Headline Generator – This GPT creates compelling Google Ads headlines, adhering to the principles of direct response copywriting.


SEObot – GPT for creating SEO-optimized content, offering keyword generation, article structuring, and strategy insights to improve website traffic and ranking.

SEO GPT by Writesonic – GPT provides expert guidance on SEO analysis, score checks, and delivers valuable keyword insights for optimizing your online presence.

SEO Optimized Blog Writer and Analyzer – This GPT leverages top SEO insights to craft or assess SEO-optimized blogs, harnessing the latest knowledge for impactful content strategies seamlessly.

Image & Video Design

Canva – GPT enables a seamless design for presentations, logos, social media posts, and beyond, empowering your creative journey.

LogoGPT – GPT designs personalized logos from your sketches. Whether you have a masterpiece sketched on a napkin or a rough idea, LogoGPT can transform it into a professional logo.

VideoGPT by VEED – This GPT is an AI-powered solution for effortlessly creating captivating videos, and empowering audience growth with stunning visuals and user-friendly functionalities.


Copywriter GPT – The ultimate solution for viral ad copywriting, offering tailored viral marketing strategies perfectly aligned with your needs for unprecedented success effortlessly.

Humanize AI – This GPT, transforms AI-generated text into more human-like content, providing a natural and relatable tone for your writing needs.

Blog Expert – GPT customized for writing and optimizing blog content.

Social Media Marketing

X Optimizer GPT – GPT designed to analyze social media engagement data and provide tailored recommendations for optimizing post content and timing.

SocialNetworkGPT – Harness GPT as your ultimate ally in crafting victorious social media strategies, streamlining the path to impactful online presence and engagement.

AI Mentor – This GPT serves as personalized social media guru and mentor, guiding you to optimize strategies and achieve your goals in the digital landscape.


Emailgeeks – GPT specializing in email marketing, offering expertise in platforms, technical requirements, and design inspirations for effective email campaigns.

Email Marketing copywriter – GPT enhances sales through expertly designed email campaigns that deliver proven results.

Email Humanizer – This GPT rephrases emails with an empathetic tone, ensuring heartfelt and considerate communication in your messages.

Brand Marketing

BrandGPT – A marketing-focused GPT implementing top brand strategies and 33 growth tactics from the bestseller ‘Transform Your Marketing,’ catalyzing business success seamlessly.

Brand Content Generator – This GPT aids in creating advertising and branding assets, serving as a conversational assistant to foster growth and resonance in brand’s journey.

Personal Brand Navigator – GPT to guide you in building your personal brand.

Aimers experts are always ready to help you get more results from your digital marketing strategy using the most effective tools. Contact us to discuss on the ways to take your business to the next level.

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