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As a SaaS marketing agency Aimers has cultivated niche expertise in this field. Having managed over $20 million in advertising budget and witnessed over 100 success stories with our clients over the past decade, we have collected all our knowledge into the innovative Online Ad Performance SaaS Calculator. We tailed it specifically for 14 SaaS industries and included data for 8 Ad platforms.

Why does it matter?

Understanding your key performance indicators (KPIs) is the foundation of effective advertising.
These numbers empower you to make informed decisions that drive real results.
How It Works?
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Input details regarding your industry, chosen advertising platforms, and monthly budget through our form.
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The calculator uses your provided information to estimate KPIs such as the number of leads, CPA, CPC and CTR.
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Utilize these insights to enhance and refine your marketing strategy.

In order to achieve the desired KPIs, it is important to clearly formulate a promotion strategy and effectively implement it. We at Aimers can prepare an individualized strategy focused on your KPIs. We have extensive experience in paid search, paid social, and conversion rate optimization. That means you can cover all digital marketing directions with our services.
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