How We Achieved a 128% Boost in Conversions for Geopace Training

Geopace Training is the UK’s leading provider of healthcare training courses to private individuals, institutions, healthcare practices and NHS.


To increase revenue, the client’s primary objective was to raise the number of potential courses’ participants. To attain this objective, we devised a plan to launch ad campaigns on Google Ads. By utilizing the powerful platform of Google Ads, we planned to tap into a larger pool of potential leads and drive more business to their company.


We implemented a comprehensive strategy to reach the client’s objective. Here are the steps we took:

Conversion tracking. We set up call tracking and phone number substitution based on geolocation. This allowed us to track conversions more accurately and optimize our campaigns accordingly.

Intensive work with geolocation targeting. Instead of using one campaign for the entire UK, we created numerous campaigns for each city. This allowed us to ensure that courses are fully booked in different locations and that there is no unnecessary budget spending in such locations.

Ad copy and landing page optimization. We wrote specific ad texts and landing pages for each geolocation. This ensured that our ads were relevant to the audience and had a higher chance of converting.

A/B testing of ads. We conducted regular A/B testing of ads to determine which ads performed best and optimize the campaigns accordingly.

Daily work with bids. We monitored the performance of each campaign and made adjustments to the bids to optimize the campaigns for maximum conversions.

Gradual budget scaling. We gradually increased the budget for the campaigns as they began to perform better. This allowed us to maximize the ROI of the campaigns.


The changes we made to Geopace Google Ads campaigns had a significant impact on their performance. If we compare the first 6 months of 2020 with the next 6 months of the same year, we could see that the number of conversions was increased by our optimization actions by 128%, and the cost-per-acquisition (CPA) declined by 36%.

Our geolocation targeting and optimization strategy for Geopace Google Ads campaigns turned out to be successful in achieving our objectives. By targeting specific audiences in each location and optimizing our ads and landing pages accordingly, we were able to generate more leads over the lower CPA. Additionally, our implementation of call tracking and phone number substitution allowed us to track conversions more accurately and optimize our campaigns accordingly.